Need Your Starbuck Fix!!!

I have been trying to get this mix to work for the longest time but I just keep going back to Starbucks until now! If you don’t want to keep spending the money or time to go to Starbucks daily here is a quick fix! You can find this 6 pack mix at any of the super markets and target carries also. The recipe call for 16 oz of water per mix but for me there is an after taste that I don’t like. And it doesn’t really taste like the true very berry to me so I had to play with it! With the following ingredients I found a mix that was perfect!

Ingredients for 32 oz

12 oz of water

16 oz of cold brew hibiscus tea (use 2 tea bags for 16 oz of water cold brew 24hrs)

4 oz of cranberry juice

1 single pack of the very berry mix (contains the green tea extract)

Fresh Blackberries

Ice cubes

Mix all ingredients except for ice, in a large water carafes with a lid and shake like they do at Starbucks! Pour into a cup of ice and enjoy!!

For a different recipe or a few more Starbucks copy cat drinks try this link:

I am going to try the pink drink and strawberry acai myself!

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