Happy New Year 2022 is here!!!

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Happy New Year everyone another year come and gone hoping this one is far better from 2021! Whatever goal you set for 2022 health, finance, or new career remember slow and steady wins the race. Do your research, set up a plan, and keep track of your progress so you don’t give up. Anyone wanting to learn some new skills for 2022 here is a 5 good ones:

These are the 5 most valuable skills to learn in 2022, says futurist—and where to find free online courses

SOURCE: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/21/most-valuable-skills-to-learn-in-2022-and-free-online-courses-according-to-futurist.html

While 2022 may throw a few curveballs, the beginning of the new year is always a perfect time to focus on career growth.

According to the Department of Labor, the economy is rebounding and some industries have recovered their job losses from the early days of the pandemic.

As a futurist and business strategist who’s trained thousands of executives to navigate booming markets, I’ve identified five skills that can make you an especially valuable professional in 2022 — and free online courses that teach them.

1. Problem-solving

In the future, it will pay to think critically and creatively about your work — and to add unique skills, experiences and connections to your professional toolkit.

Your efforts to exist outside-the-box will not only help you come up with novel solutions, but will give you the tools to communicate that you are capable of solving new and exciting problems.

For example, time spent analyzing a different kind of business or connecting with folks in a different industry may help you find new ways to think about a problem or new tools for your team to use. That’s what employers — and customers — are looking for in a rapidly changing market.

Recommended free course: Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success

Highlights: Learn how to pick a type of brainstorming — alphabet brainstorming, grid brainstorming, morphological chart — to apply to a challenge.

2. Strategic planning

Futurists don’t predict the future. We identify trends in society or a market and consider the impact that these trends might have.

By using “what if” scenarios to role-play different strategies and their outcomes, we help people determine which strategic direction to take — and plot alternate strategies in case of a sudden, unexpected turn in the future.

You can apply that same technique to your own career or business. Learning how to consider the different directions that your industry or career path may take in the future can help you intentionally map your future moves, come up with a plan B, and protect yourself against uncertainty.

Recommended Free Course: Strategic Planning Skills

Highlights: Learn how to create a compelling mission, gather key business intelligence and assess potential opportunities to chart a winning course forward.

3. Decision-making

We will all be called on to make fast and impactful choices in 2022. This is true even if we don’t have the same level of information or the time to plan as we did in the pre-Covid era.

Feeling unqualified to do that? Join the club: Making mistakes was the biggest fear in the workplace even before the pandemic.

Ninety-nine percent of leadership is a willingness to keep making decisions. Coach yourself on how to exercise good judgement and trust your instincts, and you’ll stand out from those who are too nervous to be decisive.

Recommended Free Course: Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision Making

Highlights: Learn how to absorb and rationally analyze data in the face of uncertainty.

4. Listening

recent study published by McKinsey & Company found that companies who scored in the study’s top-quartile for ethnic or cultural diversity on executive teams were 33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability.

People who will achieve business success in 2022 and beyond will know how to draw on a wide range of talents, perspectives and skills. That requires the ability to really listen to other people and their opinions.

Recommended Free Course: How to Listen

Highlights: Learn how to gather insights from others and deepen connections through active listening.

5. Logistics

If your day-to-day schedule looks like controlled chaos, you’re not alone — and you may need to mentally prepare for 2022.

Deadlines are getting tighter and job responsibilities are getting greater. In the next few years, you’ll be called upon to think like a project manager, even if that just means finding more effective ways to cram in after-school activities with your kids on top of a hectic remote work schedule.

The secret to success here is mastering the art of logistics. If you can manage to get to grandma’s house this year for the holidays — through crowded airports, travel restrictions and all — you’ve got what it takes to efficiently prioritize your time and other resources.

Recommended Free Course: Introduction to Project Management

Highlights: Learn how to apply the fundamentals of project management to your work and life

Greystone Gardening with George


The Greystone Demonstration Garden is a dedicated space for community gardening projects and education.  It’s approximately 2,000 square feet located at the lower Greystone Mansion & Gardens:  The Doheny Estate, owned by the City of Beverly Hills.  This garden allows individuals to come together and learn about organic gardening, the benefits of growing your own food and sustainable gardening practices. There are seasonal classes available highlighting current happenings in the garden.

Do you love gardening? Want to gain some new tips and tricks to use in your garden? Check out our new series, Greystone Gardening with George, and let your creativity fly! 

Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 1
Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 2
Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 3
Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 4
Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 5
Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 6
Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 7
Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 8
Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 9

Anyone can participate in the wonderful learning opportunities available throughout the year. We offer classes for gardeners of all ages. Below are some descriptions of classes offered in the past. 

1. Teen Gardening Class (ages 13-18)  
Learn this lifelong skill and grow your own food. Start seeds, learn how to care for plants, harvest your own veggies.

2. Container Gardening (Adults) 
Have a sunny balcony or porch? You can grow anything from apples to zucchini. Join us and learn to keep your potted pals happy.
3. Grow LA Victory Garden Classes (Adults) 
The University of California Cooperative Extension is organizing workshops in various communities throughout Los Angeles County to teach residents how to grow fruits and vegetables in their own backyard. Those who take all 4 classes will be given a certificate of completion.

4. Children’s Gardening Class (ages 6-12) 
Enjoy the spring season by harvesting vegetables, playing in the dirt, learning how to grow seeds and plenty of crafty projects.

5. Backyard Composting (Adults and Teens 13+) 
Reduce your carbon footprint and learn how to recycle your green waste into organic fertilizer. Traditional composting and worm composting both explored  

6. Virtual Gardening Workshops Available Now https://secure.rec1.com/CA/city-of-beverly-hills/catalog/index?filter=dGFiJTVCMzA4NCU1RD0xJnNlYXJjaD0=

VIRTUAL Container Gardening (5493)
SCHEDULE: 11a-Noon on Thu 04/08/2021

VIRTUAL What to Grow and When to Grow it (5494)
SCHEDULE: 11a-Noon on Thu 04/15/2021

VIRTUAL Seed Starting and Transplant (5495)
SCHEDULE: 11a-Noon on Thu 04/22/2021

VIRTUAL Irrigation, Organic Fertilizers, & Mulching (5497)
SCHEDULE: 11a-Noon on Thu 05/06/2021

VIRTUAL Garden Pest Control (5560)
SCHEDULE: 11a-Noon on Thu 05/13/2021

VIRTUAL Compost and Worm Composting (5496)
SCHEDULE: 11a-Noon on Thu 05/20/2021


Barbara Linder, a life-long resident of Beverly Hills and community advocate, approached the City of Beverly Hills in 2010 to develop a community garden project.  Her goal was to bring community members together to learn how to garden organically at home through learned activities while having fun outdoors.  As a result of her advocacy, construction on the dedicated space at Greystone Mansion began in 2012 and the Demonstration Garden was officially dedicated on April 13, 2014.

Over the years, individual gardeners, residents, students, 4-H Club members, Boy/Girl Scout troops, the City’s staff and administration, master gardeners and volunteers have worked together to create a garden space filled with raised beds, compost systems, espaliered fruit trees and water conservation features.

Junior gardener - one

The Greystone Demonstration Garden is open year-round and seeks volunteers for various gardening tasks.  If interested, contact the Demonstration Garden at 310-285-6830.


Future vision for the adjacent greenhouse and stables involves creating interior teaching spaces for workshops and classroom programs, a living museum and an event venue for the community.

To learn how to make a donation visit Charitable Gifting Opportunities or download the Beverly Hills Community Charitable Donation Form

 Greystone Mansion and Gardens 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 
310.285.6830 phone 310.858.9238 fax bhevents@beverlyhills.org 

Online Classes

SOURCE: https://picjumbo.com/wp-content/uploads/baking-ingredients-1570×1047.jpg

For everyone that loves to cook and can follow a recipe but sometime prefers to see how it’s done first here you go. These are a few of the classes I have taken sometimes to get the technique right or just to learn something new. Whichever you want to do here are a few options of some cool classes that are not too expensive and all are virtual:

Virtual Doughnut Making

SOURCE: https://coursehorse.com/nyc/classes/cooking/baking/more-baking/pastry/virtual-doughnut-making

Learn to make your own donuts at home $35 for 2 1/2 hr class.

Virtual Croissant Making

SOURCE: https://coursehorse.com/nyc/classes/cooking/baking/more-baking/pastry/virtual-croissant-making

This one I did and you really get a workout making croissant, the class is two days but the first day is how to make and prepare the second is just to bake. The class is worth the money again $35 if you really want to attempt to make croissants!

Virtual Bread Baking 101

SOURCE: https://coursehorse.com/nyc/classes/cooking/baking/bread/virtual-bread-baking-basics

In this online class will guide you through several classic breads, from ingredients to kneading techniques. And who doesn’t need to practice kneading dough. Also $35

Virtual Class: Beignet French Donuts

Students will learn to prepare delicious fried puff pastries while understanding how to use yeast dough, baking and frying. For those with a real sweet tooth, add a variety of extra sweet fillings to the beignets such as home-made chocolate and fruits. 2 hr class for $40 https://coursehorse.com/nyc/classes/cooking/dessert-pastry/virtual-class–beignet–french-donuts-

Virtual Bagel Making

SOURCE: https://coursehorse.com/nyc/classes/cooking/baking/bread/virtual-bagel-making

Learn to make bagels! Make, shape, boil and bake, even make a roasted garlic-chive cream cheese at the end of this two-hour class. Another $35 well spent!

There are many different classes to choose from these are just a few and not only cooking on this website all other discover classes as they call it! https://coursehorse.com check it out.

Special Notes this class is not offered thru coursehorse but I came across this class and got super excited:


SOURCE: https://neworleansschoolofcooking.com/zoom-cooking-classes

This class is 1 hr 30 mins learn to make original pralines, chocolate pralines and peanut butter pralines. The class is offered thru New Orleans School Of Cooking my nephew took a class onsite when he was visiting last year. $32.50 per person but it sells out fast! They have a few other classes but really had to try this one first!

The Valley Hive

SOURCE: https://www.thevalleyhive.com

Here is another great place I love to go to The Valley Hive, I first saw them at the Calabasas Farmers Market they are there every Saturday. I picked up a few of their honeys for my son and mom, they just have so many choices! They also carry beeswax soap and candles, I wanted to check out their shop since I drove by it a few times. Wow I am glad I did they have a nursery, honey, and lots of great gifts. What I didn’t know is they also do beekeeping class to learn how to start your own hive or if you want to understand how hives work. They have a great display in the shop of a bee colony behind glass and give you a full history of how they pick their queen. And in the spring they sell bees for those that are serious about a beehive! Please take the class first, I would love to if I were not so scared of being stung ouch:

The Valley Hive Beekeeping Experience $75.00

Yoga Classes at Home

One of the things I want to add to my daily routine in 2020 is a workout of some kind. I did Soul-Cycle which is awesome but I don’t always have the time. Walking and kickboxing same I get home too late or too tired to go. One thing I did find that I can do at any hour and at home is yoga, no machines needed and not too much energy either! I found a great studio that has online classes as well as a physical studio if you need that push. The Yoga Collective, sign up on groupon.com which is even better for the price. I like their site because you can pick the level you want to do of yoga and they have great recipes also all on video:


Source: https://www.groupon.com/deals/theyogacollective-com

Three Months or One Year of Unlimited Online Yoga from The Yoga Collective (Up to 90% Off)

  • Three Months of Unlimited Online Yoga $5
  • One Year of Unlimited Online Yoga $15
Up to 90% Off Online Yoga Subscriptions


Yogis can log on any time for selection of classes ranging from challenging power yoga, breath-focused kundalini, and gentle flow sessions. How can you beat that! Check it out on groupon.com!

Welcome All

I love to DIY and so do my sisters, we don’t always have time but we make it a day when we do! Lots of friends and family are surprised when they find out how easy some projects are to do. And the supplies will run you less than you think. These days everyone wants to be more aware of what they are putting on their body as much as what goes into their body. Depending on what you want to try food, beauty, or home decor here are a few things you might like. I am also going to share the different apps and links I come across that maybe others are interested in.