Reusable Supplies At Trader Joe’s

So if you shop at Trader Joe’s you know they don’t only have groceries, they also have lots of great household and beauty items. They carry soaps, facial products, pet treats, and great kitchen extras from cutting boards to reusable bags. Here are a few you need to keep an eye out for and pick up if you see them they sell out quick:

Tired of throwing out plastic bags from your produce use the reusable bags take them with you in your freezer bag or tote bag so you can pack all your produce and your bags are washable!

These are new if you love buying flowers every time you go there but again hate having another plastic bag to throw out use these to carry your flowers in, now if they could only start wrapping flowers in paper instead of plastic!

These I was lucky enough to grab two before they ran out, washable lunch bags they are roomie enough to take snacks and your lunch but when they start to get gross like all lunch bags do you simply wash them YAAA!!

And when it comes time to wash use these reusable lavender dryer bags they smell ammmmazing and you can also put in a small bowl instead of throwing out they will smell up any room!

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