Online Classes


For everyone that loves to cook and can follow a recipe but sometime prefers to see how it’s done first here you go. These are a few of the classes I have taken sometimes to get the technique right or just to learn something new. Whichever you want to do here are a few options of some cool classes that are not too expensive and all are virtual:

Virtual Doughnut Making


Learn to make your own donuts at home $35 for 2 1/2 hr class.

Virtual Croissant Making


This one I did and you really get a workout making croissant, the class is two days but the first day is how to make and prepare the second is just to bake. The class is worth the money again $35 if you really want to attempt to make croissants!

Virtual Bread Baking 101


In this online class will guide you through several classic breads, from ingredients to kneading techniques. And who doesn’t need to practice kneading dough. Also $35

Virtual Class: Beignet French Donuts

Students will learn to prepare delicious fried puff pastries while understanding how to use yeast dough, baking and frying. For those with a real sweet tooth, add a variety of extra sweet fillings to the beignets such as home-made chocolate and fruits. 2 hr class for $40–beignet–french-donuts-

Virtual Bagel Making


Learn to make bagels! Make, shape, boil and bake, even make a roasted garlic-chive cream cheese at the end of this two-hour class. Another $35 well spent!

There are many different classes to choose from these are just a few and not only cooking on this website all other discover classes as they call it! check it out.

Special Notes this class is not offered thru coursehorse but I came across this class and got super excited:



This class is 1 hr 30 mins learn to make original pralines, chocolate pralines and peanut butter pralines. The class is offered thru New Orleans School Of Cooking my nephew took a class onsite when he was visiting last year. $32.50 per person but it sells out fast! They have a few other classes but really had to try this one first!

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