SOURCE: https://www.aarke.com/us/carbonator-2#93=5431

Do you like having a glass of sparkling water with your meal, keeping the frig stocked with Perrier or Pellegrino can be costly. Well now the brand Aarke has something special for you. The Aarke carbonated water machine requires no batteries or electricity. You can make 1 litter of sparkling water at home. Just fill the bottle with cold water, screw the bottle into the machine, pull the lever down and that’s it! You will need a CO2 canister which is what carbonates the water, and you turn in when you get a refill canister. I looked a few place and mostly everywhere is the same price this will run you $219, but it’s stainless steel (other colors available). No more carrying or storing those heavy bottles, or drinking only half and throwing out the rest because it’s flat. I got me one and I love it!

Find your at https://www.aarke.com/us/retailers or just go on amazon they have everything including the canisters!

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