When you raise your own milk kefir grains everyday you have kefir to make smoothies, creme fraiche, butter, and cheeeese! the list of recipes is long but making cheese is fast check out this quick link for cheese balls:



  1.  Line a clean colander with butter muslin and place it into a bowl. Pour the kefir into the lined colander and tie up the ends of the muslin to make a draining sack. Hang the sack to drain.
  2. Allow the kefir to drain for one day or until the cheese is the desired consistency and will mold easily into a ball in the palm of your hand.
  3. Once the cheese is ready, untie the draining sack and scrape the kefir cheese out into a plastic bowl or container.
  4.  Mix in salt, and blend well with a rubber spatula. Add herbs and spices, if desired.
  5. Scoop the cheese out and roll it into small balls, about the size of ping-pong balls.
  6. Fill a clean quart jar with olive oil about halfway. Gently drop the cheese balls into the oil.
  7. Once all the cheese is made into balls, top the jar off with olive oil and seal tightly with a lid.
  8. Kefir cheese balls in olive oil will store well in the pantry or the fridge and will generally keep for months.
  9. If the cheese balls begin to crumble after a few weeks, the cheese was too dry. Try adding a Tbsp. of fresh cream with the salt in the next batch.

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