We love our doggies so much that when we usually look for a place to live we need to make sure our doggies will like it too. So if there is a yard we start to design it and we need to make sure there is a great space just for them too! Pardee has great patio space ideas for your doggies see below:

Create a hydration bar.
Just like their humans, dogs need lots of water – about an ounce of fluids per pound of body weight per day.  Large breeds can consume several cups of water daily, so having a readily accessible supply of clean water is important. Set up an area, ideally near a water source, for your dog’s hydration bar. Make sure it is in the shade to minimize evaporation.

Step up the shade.
After water, shade is the second most important factor for a dog-friendly backyard. Since dogs don’t sweat, they have a harder time cooling down. Watch how sunlight crosses your patio and yard throughout the day. If the area is in full sun, create shady areas for your dog. A covered patio – especially one with ceiling fans to circulate air – makes for an ideal outdoor getaway for dogs and families. You can also create shade by strategically planting native, non-toxic trees and shrubs or investing in umbrellas. For the truly pampered pet, customize an awning-covered dog bed or add a cooling dog mat.

Designate a doggie dig space.
For some dogs, there’s nothing better than spending the afternoon digging a new hole. Instead of fighting this natural instinct, direct them to a parent-approved designated dig space. Find a shady corner of the yard for your dog’s personal sandbox, where they can dig for toys and roll in the sand all day long.

Make room for lounging.
A comfortable and cool dog bed will have your pup loving the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of your Pardee home. Look for one with a removable waterproof and antibacterial fabric cover for easy washing.  What size bed is right? Measure your pup from nose tip to tail, and add about a foot. For the VIP treatment your dog deserves, try an elevated bed that allows for greater airflow on warm days.

Choose dog-friendly plants.
Remember that many plants are poisonous for dogs. Among those are aloe, sago palm and many other common landscaping varieties. And, even those that aren’t listed as toxic can still wreak havoc on a dog’s intestinal system. Place potentially harmful potted plants in hanging baskets, plant stands or ledges beyond fido’s reach. And be mindful of plant toxicity when reviewing backyard landscaping options.

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