The Valley Hive


Here is another great place I love to go to The Valley Hive, I first saw them at the Calabasas Farmers Market they are there every Saturday. I picked up a few of their honeys for my son and mom, they just have so many choices! They also carry beeswax soap and candles, I wanted to check out their shop since I drove by it a few times. Wow I am glad I did they have a nursery, honey, and lots of great gifts. What I didn’t know is they also do beekeeping class to learn how to start your own hive or if you want to understand how hives work. They have a great display in the shop of a bee colony behind glass and give you a full history of how they pick their queen. And in the spring they sell bees for those that are serious about a beehive! Please take the class first, I would love to if I were not so scared of being stung ouch:

The Valley Hive Beekeeping Experience $75.00

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