Gardening Catalogs And Links:

Now that you decided to start a garden there are a lot of questions and before you go crazy buy all kinds of stuff check out this website. is my go to because not only do they have supplies and give descriptions of what everything is used for, they share helpful tips! They have great videos on how to prune, plant, transplant, fertilize, etc….

Check out Resource Center

How to videos

Growing Guides


Tip of the week

Seed Planting Calculator


Learn to make your own Herb De La Provence:


A basic herb mixture great for coating cheese rolls or cooking your favorite dish.


2 Tbs dried savory
2 Tbs dried rosemary
2 Tbs dried thyme
2 Tbs dried oregano
2 Tbs dried basil
2 Tbs dried marjoram
1 Tbs dried fennel seed
1/2 tsp dried lavender flowers (optional)
1 tsp bay powder (optional)


Grind the rosemary and fennel seed in a spice grinder. Combine in a mixing bowl all the ingredients and stir to mix. Store in an air-tight jar.

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