Cold Brew Tea

I love drinking tea so to find a new way to have some of my favorite teas on a warm day is awesome! There are so many new flavors out there the options are endless!


  1. Add 2 tea bags to every 8 oz of filtered water.
  2. Refrigerate teas for 6 – 12 hrs.
  3. Remove tea bag and add any garnish you like or just drink as is.

I also found a great link that details cold brewing tea:


3 Reasons to Cold Brew


Brewing makes all the difference to a cup of tea. Leave the tea bag in too long and it’s bound to get bitter. Take it out too soon and it will taste weak. With cold brewing, you don’t have to worry about timing. Cold water extracts flavors more slowly and naturally so the result is less bitter and more clean than hot tea.

2. NO ICE:

Ice is generally used to cool the tea, but it can also water down its unique flavor profile. When you cold brew, there’s no need to add ice since the tea is chilled in the refrigerator.


Cold brewed tea retains more antioxidants than hot brewed teas. Studies also show that cold brewed teas contain about half (or two thirds) the amount of caffeine.  

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